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Shot-blasting installation DTU suspended type (P) 1h2,5-2
  • Shot-blasting installation DTU suspended type (P) 1h2,5-2

Shot-blasting installation DTU suspended type (P) 1h2,5-2

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Determination and Application

Shot - blasting installation suspended type is used for cleaning of dirt and rust of various workpieces and metal. It can be installed on a flat concrete floor without performing time - consuming special foundation.


Principle of operation

The workpiece is hung on a special hook block, mounted on a frame with a guide, and is transported to the shotblasting chamber, where it is made clean. Purification of the product produced by contact of the emerging at high velocity fraction of shot blasting apparatus (throwers) mounted in the chamber with the contaminated product surface. Shot blast apparatus (throwers) are made of high wear - resistant material and have a reversible drive. Flow fraction (torch) if necessary adjusted automatically by means of a special device. The number of shot - blasting machines (throwers) depends on the overall size and complexity of the shapes of the workpiece. After processing the product is conveyed from the chamber, after which the quality control is made to clean it.



The installation also includes: auger system at the bottom level of the fraction collection vertical elevator (paternoster) for transporting the fraction to the separator (upper level), and the collecting hopper (tank) with manual and pneumatic valves in the shot blast units supplying apparatus (throwers). Air cleaning system cleans the air quality from dust and other contaminants, allowing the installation of serving staff not to use personal protective equipment. Modern Siemens on the basis of the control cabinet allows you to quickly and easily control the shot blasting installation and the availability of a work program to save time for staff training.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Wattage: 50 kW
Productivity: 0,8-1,2 m/min
Information is up-to-date: 23.03.2021

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